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The Team.

Why Athletes love us

Dr. DeGroote and his team, believes that everyone is an athlete.

Whether you’re competing in Ironman triathlons, playing hockey, heading out for a weekend of cycling or working in your garden, you want to stay active and perform at the highest level.

Dr. DeGroote and his team can diagnose and treat your injury with comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and when needed perform surgery.

The integrated way that Dr. DeGroote and his team manage care that helps you recover faster and stay healthy. There’s always an open line of communication between you and Dr. DeGroote— as well as between Dr. DeGroote and your physical therapist, athletic trainer, psychologist and your coach — making communication more efficient and treatment more effective.

Dr. DeGroote and his team are in it for the long haul. Helping active people of all ages return to doing what they love — enjoying the outdoors, competing in athletic events, engaging in recreational activity or just keeping up with the kids.

Treating your injury is just one component of helping you meet your goals of health and fitness.

So if you’ve been suffering from a musculoskeletal injury, Dr. DeGroote and his team can give you care that will get you back on the ice, on the field or court, on the bike, on the road or in the garden. Dr. DeGroote has the expertise and the technology to help maximize your performance and relieve your pain — so that you can return to activity and avoid injury in the future.

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